Five generations of the Butler Family have farmed on Dry Run Road all producing fresh, wholesome produce in abundance.  Now, we share with you, the bounty that God has bestowed upon us.

During the early 1900's the Butler Family ran a dairy operation which involved bottling their own milk as well as delivering their product door to door.  Around this same time the earliest apple trees were planted behind the family farm house on Dry Run Road.

In the mid 1950's brothers Bruce and Elwood Butler took over the operations of the dairy and continued to milk over 200 head of cattle in addition to running apple orchards.  The first peach trees were planted in the 1980's around this time the Butler's gave up the dairy operation and continued to plant more orchard.  Today, Bruce's two sons, Bruce Jr. and Greg currently operate the orchards and recently added the farm market in 2002.  Over 300 acres of apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, berries, and other various vegetables are picked fresh and sold at Butler's Farm Market as well as wholesaled to other farmers markets in the Eastern U.S.

  • "We have a lot of local support and we feel really blessed to have such great customers.  We're very, very fortunate."  -Virginia Butler

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