• Spring At The Market

    Butlers Farm Markets opens just in time every March as Spring fever sets in!  When the cold weather is fading and warmer, longer days are calling you outdoors, Butlers is full of great ways to help you spruce up for Spring!  You can find a variety of mulch, top soil, colored landscape stones, gravel, sand, flowers and lots of hand-crafted Amish outdoor furniture. Plus, Butlers also offers propane tank refills!  Spring is also the time to start enjoying the early seasonal fruits and veggies at Butlers.  Market-goers can get locally grown asparagus, spinach, kale, lettuce and other seasonal produce that is harvested daily.  By May, Butlers is always overflowing with their sweet homegrown strawberries, plus the market is is full of other special treats.  Check out our seasonal crop list located at right.  
  • Summer At The Market

    Summer brings some of your favorite and our best fresh fruits and vegetables to Butlers Farm Market.  Grown and picked daily from our many gardens and orchards you will find farm fresh produce that both tastes great and is great for you!  From peaches, plums and nectarines to corn on the cob, garden veggies and melons, if you are craving it, you can find it at Butlers Farm Market!  And don’t forget about our full line of Butler’s Best jams, jellies, and canned products!  When you stop by Butler’s, you can enjoy the smell of our fresh-baked pies that are prepared daily for your enjoyment and they go great with our Trickling Springs home-made ice cream that is available in a variety of flavors.   Check out our Crop Calendar for all the seasonal fruits and vegetables you can find us harvesting throughout the Summer.
  • Fall At The Market

    Fall brings all kinds of Butler’s favorites to the market.  In addition to our seasonal fruits and veggies, people flock to Butler’s for our largest seller in the fall. . . sweet, juicy Apples!  Butler’s grows and sells a wide variety of apples in a variety of sizes from a bag to bushel you will find all of your favorites in the order of their ripening including; Ginger Gold, Gala, Honey Crisp, Golden Supreme, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Red Delicious, York, Rome, Fuji and Pink Lady.  And of course, apples mean fresh pies and dumplings baked fresh by our family each day with our Trickling Springs brand home-made ice cream! The fall harvest also means pumpkins and fun, fall decorations such as gourds, fall mums, and wreaths will fill the market.  Check out our Crop Calendar for all the seasonal fruits and vegetables you can find us harvesting throughout the Fall.
  • 1

Did you know the extent of what Butler's goes to in order to protect their crops and produce the greatest yield each harvest season?  Over the years, frost has cost farmers millions of dollars in damage.  At Butler's, we have a cost-effective solution that protects our crops.  While you are sound asleep in the wee hours of the morning, Butler's has a helicopter slowly sweeping over our farm stirring the warmer air layered above the crops to help prevent the frost from damaging them.  Bet you didn't know that!

Crop Calendar



  • Strawberries - Mid May to Late June
  • Sweet Cherries - Mid June to Late June
  • Black Raspberries - Late June
  • Red Raspberries - Late June
  • Blackberries - Early August


  • Flamin Fury(PF5) - Late June
  • Sentry - July 10
  • Bellaire - July 25
  • Bounty - Aug 8
  • Flamin Fury(PF24) - Aug 18
  • Redskin - Aug 25
  • Laurol - Sept 5
  • Victoria - Sept 13

White Peaches

  • White Lady - July 25
  • Klondike White - Aug 3
  • Sugar Giant - Aug 13
  • Snow Giant - Sept 5


  • Honey Blaze - July 17
  • Summer Beaut - July 25
  • Sunglo - Aug 8
  • Fantasia - Aug 15


  • Methley - July 12
  • Shiro - July 16
  • Santa Rosa - July 25
  • Queen Rosa - Aug 8
  • Fortune - Aug 20


  • Ginger Gold - Aug 20
  • Gala - Aug 30
  • Honey Crisp - Sept 1
  • Golden Supreme - Sept 5
  • Golden Delicious - Sept 15
  • Jonagold - Sept 15
  • Red Delicious - Sept 20
  • York - Oct 10
  • Rome - Oct 15
  • Fuji - Oct 25
  • Pink Lady - Nov 1


  • Spring Onion - April 25 - July 5
  • Asparagus - April 15 - May 15
  • Sweet Corn - June 24 - Sept
  • Zucchini - June 10 - Sept 20
  • Yellow squash - June 10 - Sept 20
  • Watermelons - July 1 - Sept 30
  • Cantaloupes - July 1 - Sept 30
  • Green beans - June 10 - Oct 10
  • Tomatoes - July 10 to frost
  • Peppers - July 10 to frost
  • Eggplant - July 15 to frost
  • Potatoes - July 15 to closing
  • Pumpkins - Sept 1 to closing
  • Cider - Sept 15 to closing